This will help you prepare for an interview

December 6, 2018

General interview advice

The following is a good short introduction to get yourself up to speed for any professional interview.


  1. General interview preparation – a thorough overview of all types in interviews and how to prepare for them.
  2. Telephone interview preparation – the most important tip – have headphones with a mic so you can take notes.
  3. Examples of commonly used competencies – the behaviour and experience interviewers screen you against.
  4. Using the STAR model to answer questions using example of your own work.


Deeper dive – how to prepare for the interview to end all interviews

I am not saying anyone will come across an interview questions like the one below too often, but, it is a fascinating way to prepare for all eventualities. It came from a post by Lou Adler, one of the most published head hunters out there, on the best interview question of all time.


The one thing that as an interviewer you should ask a candidate to evaluate their fit for your company and role. As a potential candidate it is instructive, have a read of it here and consider the following. If you can answer this question and deal with the 20 or so follow up questions then you are prepared for any interview.


This really is the most insightful interview question I have ever read. A quick heads up for job seekers, an interview question is only the beginning, it is the follow up questions that your first answer allows that are important. This is a leading question and it is followed by a deep dive. Any gaps will be exposed and it shows the benefits of preparing for competency questions with really strong examples from your career planned using the STAR model.


Also, check out part 2 where Lou shows you how to answer the bloody thing! Very insightful and this could help you land a job (if the interviewer goes down this route).


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